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Smart Home meets Home Recording - Reaper DAW integration for Home Assistant

By Kuba Wolanin
Published in Home automation
November 30, 2021
1 min read

Today I would like to show you my new home assistant integration for Reaper digital audio workstation.

It allows you to trigger record (or any other action) directly from home assistant, as well as read some interesting data points like play state, number of tracks or beats per measurement.

This way you can use any actuator integrated with HA to start recording remotely.

My use case was pretty common for drummers who record themselves. My drum set is located at the opposite side of the studio than my PC.

With a battery powered remote controller, like Aqara wireless switch I can trigger recording in Reaper easily.

But there are more things you can do with it:

  1. Use Google Assistant to trigger recording/playing remotely.
  2. Bind wireless actuators with any Reaper’s custom command
  3. Turn on “ON AIR” lights when recording
  4. Trigger Recording on my Sony NEX cameras (with IR blaster like Broadlink RM4C) so that I simultaneously track audio and video
  5. Put your phone on DND automatically when recording
  6. Alert your wife not to open studio door when tracking

This custom integration is available in HACS default repository.

Source code for Reaper integration can be found here:\ https://github.com/kubawolanin/ha-reaper

And underlying python library to communicate with Reaper’s web interface is here:\ https://github.com/kubawolanin/python-reaperdaw

Happy automating!

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