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IKEA Hack: Adding wheels to OLOV table legs

By Kuba Wolanin
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May 17, 2021
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IKEA Hack: Adding wheels to OLOV table legs

My studio has somewhat limited space and in order to have everything neatly organized and portable, I decided to attach wheels to various pieces of furniture. A simple custom made oak table with IKEA OLOV legs is a perfect example.

In order to attach wheels to the legs, I needed to design a custom end caps, that would hold a M10 nut.

Bill of materials:

  • A wooden table top - I used a piece of oak that I had leftover from making windowstills
  • Set of four IKEA OLOV legs
  • Set of four furniture wheels with M10 screw - I used a set of two wheels with brakes and two without
  • Set of four M10 nuts
  • 3D printed end cap - they’re inserted into OLOV legs with M10 nuts hammered in

img 20210516 163004
A set of M10 nuts, 3d printed end caps and wheels

As I’m not very fluent in 3d modelling, after about an hour of trial and error I had a rough design of the end caps. I used Tinkercad. It’s a perfect app for small designs and for someone not very experienced in designing 3D objects, it’s a great learning tool as well.

My design is freely available so you can adapt it to your needs:



I then exported my STL file to Cura slicer, which created a GCODE for my Ender 3 Pro printer.

img 20210516 163154
Completed 3d print of end caps and M10 nuts

img 20210516 160326
With a little help of hammer, I've attached the end caps to the legs

2021 05 18 22 28 26
Attached wheel

2021 05 18 22 29 33
Completed portable table!

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