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Secure pairing Danalock with openHAB by Z-Wave binding

By Kuba Wolanin
Published in Home automation
May 28, 2021
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Secure pairing Danalock with openHAB by Z-Wave binding

In my smart home project I’ve collected a number of various Z-Wave devices through the years. openHAB has a robust Z-Wave binding that allows you to integrate lots of devices to your smart home system - including door locks.

Z-Wave locks are devices with extra layer of security - they require a security key exchanged during a 15 second pairing period.

The goal of this post is to demonstrate how to properly add a Danalock device to your Z-Wave network using openHAB. This procedure alone took me some trial and errors so I thought it might be a material for a useful blog.

Including your Z-Wave enabled Danalock to the network requires a number of steps:

1. Factory reset the lock

Using a paper clip, click the hidden button 10 times until it flashes red. \ For more details on factory resetting the lock visit this URL

2. Pair your lock with an Android/iOS app via Bluetooth

This is mandatory, otherwise you won’t be able to start inclusion. In the Danalock app go to Menu and click “New device”. If your lock is nearby, you should see its MAC address on the top.

4. Set a security key for your Z-Wave controller

If you haven’t already, provide a security key for your Z-Wave controller. It is a 16 byte value, specified in hexadecimal. After that you might need to restart openHAB.

5. Start pairing process

There’s a 15 seconds time window to securely add a device to your Z-Wave network. To do that properly, I would suggest to place your lock close to the controller.

In the Danalock app go to Settings and tap on Smart Home. Then choose Z-Wave.

On your PC visit openHAB’s admin panel (I’m using 2.5x so in my case it’s Paper UI).\ Go to Inbox, click the plus icon (+).

Then there’s important part - simultaneously tap “Connect” on your phone and click “Z-Wave Binding” in the Paper UI. This will trigger a secure inclusion process in the Z-Wave binding.

After that you should be able to include a new, secure device in your Things:

openHAB PaperUI with securely included Danalock
openHAB PaperUI with securely included Danalock

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