Kuba Wolanin

Hi, I'm Kuba!

My Story

I am a software developer and musician. Passionate about home automation, drums and open source software.
Currently I'm working as a software development consultant in my day job. Along with my team, we're building SaxoTrader platforms at SaxoBank. Using React, Node.js, Jest and Cypress on daily basis.
Previously I was leading a development team making Sabre Red 360 at Sabre.

Home automation

First time I turned on a lamp with my phone using a Z-Wave controller and a power switch, I was hooked for life! Since then I've grown my smart home to enormous extents. On this blog I will share my journey with details.

Software development

I wrote my first line of code when I was 12. My first program was a quiz game - totally copied line-by-line from polish equivalent of Computerworld magazine. This is what introduced me to Delphi and Pascal language. Years ahead, I focused on web design and Front-end development. I'm passionate about great user interface and clean code.


I started playing drums in rock bands at age 13, then attended music school shortly after. Since then I've been involved in a wide variety of music projects. As for now I'm no longer touring. Still making music on my own.
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